Install Norton Using Product Key

How to Install Norton Using Product Key?

Alright, so you have your Norton product key & wondering how to install it? Don’t worry all you have to go is follow this guide step by step & you will have your Norton antivirus installed in your system. If you have purchased Norton retail card then you can follow complete guide here, ready? Let’s go.

Step 1: Go to

First thing that you have to do is open web browser & go to link This link will open in different tab so once its opened you need to comeback on this guide to follow next steps. Click the link above

Step 2: Click on Enter a Product Key

Step 3: Create or Login into your account

If you have purchased norton for first time then you will need to create new account. If you already have an account with norton then you will have to login into your account using your email & password.

Step 4: Enter Norton Product Key

Enter your product key in space provided & click on yellow arrow.

Step 5: Download Norton Security

Now you need to click on Agree & Download. If you need to install it on a different device such as your android phone, IOS device or a mac you can click on send download link. You just need to type your email address & link will be sent to it which you can use to install on another device.

Step 5: Follow On Screen Instructions.

Now all you have to do is follow inscructions that seems on screen. I have uploading

Run file that downloads on your computer.

Once you run the file you will notice norton download manager will start downloding norton on your computer. This process will take few minutes depending on your internet speed.

After download process is done you will land on screen that looks something like this. Click Agree & Install. The installation process will take few minutes depending on your computer processing speed.

What are the Advantages of Norton Antivirus?

  1. Norton Antivirus software can work on upto 5 devices simultaneously
  2. The protection of Antivirus can be shift from one device to another device by using Norton online account.
  3. You can add any device which you need to protect from attacks
  4. Norton antivirus auto scans your system
  5. Restricts users from visiting malicious website & download norton file which is suspicious.
  6. This antivirus system keeps confidentiality for data & files
  7. It gives you parental control for your devices

Get 24*7 Support for Norton Setup

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